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Question 1[4 Marks]
Construct both a logic diagram and truth table for the following expression:
Question 2[1 Mark]
Choose the one option below which is not a resource that needs to be managed by the operating system.
Primary memory
Screen resolution
Disk space
Question 3[3 Marks]
Outline the function of the address bus and state one of its roles in the machine execution cycle.
Question 4[1 Mark]
Convert the binary number 01011100 held in computer memory to a hexadecimal (base 16) number to be displayed on screen.
Question 5[1 Mark]
Choose the number of different integers that may be represented using 2 bytes of memory.
Question 6[2 Marks]
Outline the purpose of cache memory.
Question 7[1 Mark]
State how many different colours can be represented by two hexadecimal characters.
Question 8[2 Marks]
Outline how an Operating System (OS) manages primary memory.
Question 9[1 Mark]
Of the following items, select the one which is not stored in RAM
Clock cycles
Numeric values
Question 10[1 Mark]
Outline the functions of the ALU.
Question 11[3 Marks]
Outline, with the aid of an example, why many widely used applications do not come preinstalled on operating systems
Question 12[2 Marks]
Outline the relationship between binary and hexadecimal.
Question 13[1 Mark]
Outline the primary function of an ALU in a CPU or GPU.
Question 14[1 Mark]
Which of the following memory components is not typically found in the CPU?
Memory Address Register (MAR)
Mode Register (MR)
Memory Data Register (MDR)
L2 cache
Question 15[6 Marks]
A software development company wants to test the usability of an application it is developing that will connect senior citizens with local council services.
State the purpose of usability testing and explain how it is different from functional testing.
To save money, the company is considering conducting usability testing using its own employees. Explain why this is not a good idea
The landing page of the application will have the following menu
Question Image
Suggest one method that could be used to gather qualitative data and one method that could be used to collect quantitative data when conducting usability testing on this landing page.
Sourced: VCE Applied Computing, Software Development 2022 Exam - Section B, Question 5
Question 16[10 Marks]
A busy cafe has decided to streamline their business by implementing a software assisted ordering system. The new system will record customer orders at the front counter whereupon they are automatically added to a queue of orders accessed by a barista working at the back of the cafe to fulfill orders uninterrupted.
State one reason why a queue would be better suited to holding coffee orders than a stack.
The new systems holds the price for each type of coffee in an array called ITEMS as follows:
+--------------+--------------+ | Espresso | 1.20 | | Latte | 2.50 | | Cappuccino | 3.70 | +--------------+--------------+
Coffee orders are held in a queue called ORDERS where each order is a single integer indicating the type of coffee to be made by their respective row index in ITEMS array.
Additionally, a 3x3 2D array called SALES is initially defined as follows:
+--------------+--------------+--------------+ | Espresso | 0 | 0 | | Latte | 0 | 0 | | Cappuccino | 0 | 0 | +--------------+--------------+--------------+
Given ITEMS, ORDERS and SALES, write pseudocode such that column one and column two contain the total number of orders and total income for each coffee type respectively.
For example, the following ORDERS queue:
+-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+ 1 0 1 2 0 +-------+-------+-------+-------+-------+
would result in the following SALES array:
+--------------+--------------+--------------+ | Espresso | 2 | 2.40 | | Latte | 2 | 5.00 | | Cappuccino | 1 | 3.70 | +--------------+--------------+--------------+
The method rowswap(ARR, ROWA, ROWB) acts on the array ARR provided to swap the row at index ROWA with the row at index ROWB.
Without using loops, write pseudocode to sort the rows of SALES from lowest to highest total income. The row for the coffee with the highest total income should be at row index 2.
Question 17[8 Marks]
Suggest two types of testing that should be conducted on a new system. State who would do the testing, when testing would occur and its purpose.
Question 18[2 Marks]
Identify two reasons for releasing software updates.

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