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While we produce some free handy little tools such as this one, our core mission at N7 is to help teachers create the right test fast, that is, assessment comprising high quality exam style questions which cover your specific study design criteria (no more - no less).

We invite you to explore N7 and hope you find it useful.

Step One

Name & organise your files.


Download the IBO file / folder format (blank template files in folders):
IB DP Computer Science Cover Page Generator N7 folder/file structure

Note: The IBO file / folder format above contains multiples of the same file name only with different file types (i.e. both .rtf & .odt) - these exist simply as examples to illustrate that various file types may be used. You should only have one file type across all your documents (.pdf is recommended).

Rename & Replace

If not already the same, rename your documentation files (i.e. your actual completed IA project files) to match their respective blank template files. Of course, retain your own file type extensions.

Replace all the blank template files in the Documentation folder with your own renamed IA project files of the same name. Also copy your Crit_D_Video.xyz video file into the Documentation folder, where .xyz is the file type extension of your video.

Place ALL your code files in the Product folder.
The result may look something like:
IB DP Computer Science Cover Page Generator N7 folder/file structure

Step Two

Provide cover page details

Enter the following information

Note: The name / school etc. fields on the original cover sheet template were an IBO error ...

"We do encourage schools to keep coursework submissions anonymous where possible, though I realise in this case the form itself is asking for certain information which contradicts that. Apologies for the confusion. Please avoid using candidate names, session numbers or the name or number of your school in the work or on the forms submitted. You could always use the candidate’s personal code (for example, abc123) as a means of identifying candidates’ work on coursework and forms submitted to the IB instead."

Step Three

Review, generate & download your cover_page.htm


The solution as a whole is no more than 2,000 words - your code, listed success criteria, record of tasks, design overview, appendix and video demonstration do not contribute to word count.

Your IA total size (including video) does not exceed 500MB. To reduce video size you may either initially save the video compressed / reduced quality or use a program such as handbrake to do so.

Your entire video must be 2-7 minutes in length.

All documentation and code files are your latest versions.

After downloading, replace the blank cover_page.htm placeholder with your new file.

Further information

For further information (official), visit IBO.ORG DP Computer Science Resources