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A supermarket wishes to do focused advertising on its customers who sign up with an online account. In order to do this advertising, the supermarket plans to collect data about each individual’s purchases and make predictions about what they may want to buy. Currently the supermarket uses an outdated and non-extensible system to process purchases.
Discuss two different ways the supermarket may convert from their current system to a new system that can support the proposed data collection.
State two ethical considerations that must be made with respect to the data collection and advertising
Rather than hire new members of its IT department to manage the new system, the supermarket is intending to retrain its current staff.
Compare two methods of staff training
The supermarket will need to store the user’s data using local servers on the same network as their free Wifi. Customers are concerned about the security of their data.
Outline how use of VLANs could improve security over the network

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