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A new ‘high-tech’ boot camp is being launched aimed at helping its attendees get fit and lose weight. The camp will use control systems to monitor and provide feedback across various boot camp activities. Each attendee will wear an electronic wristband which comprises a small speaker as well as embedded heart rate monitor to measure exercise intensity. In order to maintain exercise at an effective level of intensity, attendees will be alerted via recorded voice messages from the wristband speaker when they need to speed up or slow down.
With respect to control systems and the scenario described, outline the role of the microprocessor in the wristband.
Contrast input and output transducers.
Define the term Transducer.
Beyond the wristband monitor, various pressure sensitive running tracks and embedded motion sensors will gather attendee exercise data. Attendee data will be continuously streamed to and collected on a web server in order to inform analytics around exercise behaviors and bio-mechanics.
Discuss the social impacts and ethical considerations associated with the use of embedded systems to monitor attendees during the camp.

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