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Question 1[2 Marks]
Identify one technical factor and one non-technical factor that should be taken into account when planning a new information system for an organisation.
Question 2[8 Marks]
Suggest two types of testing that should be conducted on a new system. State who would do the testing, when testing would occur and its purpose.
Question 3[4 Marks]
Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of using surveys to gather information when planning a new system.
Question 4[2 Marks]
Outline one potential usability issue associated with the use of smart watches.
Question 5[4 Marks]
Identify two different types of primary memory resources that need to be managed within a computer system and describe the purpose of each.
Question 6[3 Marks]
Consider the following linked list which maintains a list of names in alphabetical order.
Question Image
With the aid of diagrams, explain how a node containing the name "Ben" would be inserted into the linked list above.
Question 7[1 Mark]
State how many different colours can be represented by two hexadecimal characters.
Question 8[2 Marks]
Identify two key features of a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.
Question 9[3 Marks]
Describe the purpose of paging in the management of primary memory.

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