DriEv, an Electric Vehicle (EV) rental company, is building an electronic database to manage its EV fleet of electric cars and bikes. DriEv’s electronic database design includes the following schema:
tbl_vehicles(vehicle_id, year, brand, model, type) tbl_rentals(vehicle_id, start_date, days_rented, daily_rate, customer_id) tbl_customers(customer_id, last_name, first_name, email)
Alaister, a manger at DriEv, would like to know how many unique customers in total have rented a Tesla vehicle since the company was founded.
In order to fulfil Alaister’s request for information, what statement should replace "X" in the following query:
SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT customer_id) FROM tbl_vehicles, tbl_rentals, tbl_customers WHERE tbl_vehicles.brand = “Tesla” AND X AND tbl_customers.customer_id = tbl_rentals.customer_id
tbl_vehicles.vehicle_id = *
tbl_vehicles = tbl_rentals
tbl_vehicles.vehicle_id = tbl_rentals.customer_id
tbl_vehicles.vehicle_id = tbl_rentals.vehicle_id

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