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Bradley has devised his own custom control system to manage the temperature and lighting in his home. He has installed separate heating and cooling systems as well as smart lights - each one remotely controlled by his fully programmable mobile application. Bradley has also installed a sensor to measure room temperature at a near constant rate. For comfortable conditions as he falls sleep, from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM each evening, Bradley would like his bedroom temperature automatically maintained in the range 18 - 20ºC. At 9:00 PM all lights as well as the heating and cooling systems should be automatically turned off. Given boolean control variables for HEATING_ON, COOLING_ON and LIGHTING_ON (setting these to TRUE or FALSE values turn the devices on or off respectively) as well as input variables holding the current system time (CURRENT_TIME) and current temperature sensor reading (CURRENT_TEMP) updated in real time, construct pseudocode to govern Bradley’s system in the desired manner.

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