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Using the table below as a guide, trace the following algorithm by filling out the trace table below row by row (left to right).
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INPUT = [2, -2, -5, 7, 0] // A collection A=0 B=0 C=0 loop while INPUT.hasNext() A = INPUT.getnext() if (A => 0) then B = INPUT.getnext() end if C = A+B output C end loop
Explain why binary search is almost always more efficient than linear search on ordered values.
In the context of programming, define a flag.
Given two arrays, ALPHA which contains 10 elements and BETA which contains 20 elements, construct an algorithm to determine whether or not ALPHA is a subset of BETA. That is, if all the items in ALPHA are also in BETA then output “SUBSET” otherwise output “NOT SUBSET”

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