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Question 1[1 Mark]
The ________ is the basic unit associated with TCP/IP packet switching
Data packet
Question 2[2 Marks]
Define the term data packet and outline the main components of a data packet.
Question 3[4 Marks]
With respect to computer networking, define the term protocol and explain the importance of protocols on the internet.
Question 4[1 Mark]
Which of the following is not a function of the TCP/IP internet protocol suite?
Ensures an error free transmission between two devices.
Defines how packets are routed over a network.
Assigns a physical address to each device on the network.
Re-assembles received data in its original order.
Question 5[6 Marks]
Explain how data is transmitted by packet switching.
Question 6[2 Marks]
Circuit switching is a computer networking method where two network nodes establish a dedicated communications channel (circuit) through the network. The channel is exclusively reserved until the communication session between the two nodes has completed. Transmission mediums can only concurrently support a limited number of dedicated communication channels. With respect to circuit switching, outline one advantage of packet switching.

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