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Question 1[4 Marks]
Outline two ways in which an operating system hides the complexity of the hardware from users and applications.
Question 2[1 Mark]
With respect to the concept of abstraction, which of the following statements is not true?
A city rail map is an abstraction of the city's rail system
A model airplane is an abstraction of the plane it represents
A city skyscraper is an abstraction of the building's floor plan
A mathematical function describing only the height of a bouncing ball is an abstraction of the ball's bouncing motion
Question 3[1 Mark]
Consider the Melbourne rail network map below.
Question Image
Choose the most correct reason for why this map is considered an example of abstraction.
The map provides a broad aerial view of the city rail network
With respect to the context, the map suppresses less important details - such as the names of roads
The map shows not only the relative location of the stations but also the connectivity of the rail network
The map provides additional information an aerial photograph wouldn't provide by indicating where rail lines intersect with each other
Question 4[4 Marks]
Outline two benefits of high level languages over low level languages such as Assembly.

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