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Question 1[4 Marks]
Input 7 numbers and use a loop to output their total.
Question 2[3 Marks]
Input 3 numbers and if all three numbers are different then output "distinct", otherwise output "not distinct".
Question 3[1 Mark]
A = 7 SUM = 10 loop while A > 2 A = A - 1 SUM = SUM + A end loop ouput SUM
Choose the correct output for the pseudocode above.
Question 4[4 Marks]
Input the dimensions of a rectangle then print both area and perimeter.
Question 5[2 Marks]
Given an empty array called NUMBERS of size 100, set each location which has an index that is a multiple of 5 (includes 0) to the number 7 and all remaining elements to the value 3.
Question 6[4 Marks]
Write a pseudocode method called "swim" to implement the following logic. The parameter WINDY is TRUE if the weather is windy, and the parameter WARM is TRUE if the water is warm. People like to swim at the beach when it is not windy and the water is warm. Output TRUE if it is a good day to swim, FALSE if it is not.

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