July is N7 Community Month

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N7 is a collaborative company. We work with teachers from around the world to create the best possible learning experience for students.

We are proud to have a growing community of teachers who are passionate about education and are committed to helping their colleagues and students.

We have some exciting new initiatives to help our community grow and to reward our contributors:

💚 Affiliate Rewards

N7 now offers USD$100 for every new teacher you refer to N7 Premium. Help empower educators worldwide and earn some extra cash along the way.

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🏅 Contributor Prizes

We are rewarding our community contributors by giving away USD$700 to members who help make our platform even better. Each contribution will earn x1 entry to win USD$50 - the more you contribute, the greater your chances to win.

Ways to contribute:

  • Identify question ambiguity or error
  • Create of a community question
  • Create of a community test

2 winners will be drawn every month until December (2023)


How do I point out ambiguous / erroneous questions?

Just leave a comment under the relevant question which clearly identifies the error and explains how you would fix it.

How do I create and share my questions with the community?

Create a question, then hit the Share to Profile button to have it ⭐ Shared to Profile. Once N7 has verified a shared question as complete and correct, it wille become a Community question freely available for your colleagues worldwide.

✍️ Checkout these style guides to help in creating impactful questions:

How do I create and share my tests with the community?

Like questions, create a test, then hit the Share to Profile button to have it ⭐ Shared to Profile. Once N7 has verified a shared test as complete and correct, it will become a Community test freely available to your colleagues worldwide.

N7 share questions and tests

Happy teaching!

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