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Question 1[1 Mark]
Define the term foreign key.
Question 2[1 Mark]
Define the term primary key.
Question 3[1 Mark]
Define the term composite key.
Question 4[12 Marks]
DriEv, an Electric Vehicle (EV) rental company, is building an electronic database to manage its EV fleet of electric cars and bikes. DriEv records and tracks vehicles, customers and rental agreements.
Outline one benefit an electronic databases, compared to only keeping paper records, affords DriEv.
DriEv’s electronic database design includes the following schema:
tbl_vehicles(vehicle_id, year, brand, model, type) tbl_rentals(vehicle_id, start_date, days_rented, daily_rate, customer_id) tbl_customers(customer_id, last_name, first_name, email)
What is the degree relationship between tbl_vehicles records and tbl_rentals records respectively?
DriEv recently acquired a new Tesla Model S to add to its growing fleet of EVs.
Write an SQL insert statement to add a new Tesla Model S to the database where the vehicle id, brand, model and type are 172737, “Tesla”, “Model S” and “Liftback” respectively (year is not provided).
Alaister, a manger at DriEv, would like to know how many unique customers in total have rented a Tesla vehicle since the company was founded.
Create a query to fulfil Alaister’s request for information.
Question 5[6 Marks]
An association of professional diving clubs has decided to move their historic diving competition records from a simple spreadsheet into a more sophisticated electronic database solution. Future diving competition results will be entered directly into the new database. The association also wishes the new database to accomodate data from affiliated non-diving groups such as swimming clubs.
With respect to populating the dive association's new database from the old spreadsheets, explain the need for both data validation as well as data verification in an effort to preserve data integrity.

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